About Our Systems And Network

Security And Stability
Our servers our housed in Houston Texas, in one of the largest internet data centers in the world. The facilities feature redundant UPS systems, generator power backup, and smoke/fire protection systems. The data facilities are also under 24 hour camera surveillance and armed guard patrol. No access to server areas is permitted without a security escort. Your server and your data are always protected from the hands of man, while the multiple power backup systems protect against problems caused by acts of nature.

The Network
All servers are connected to a high speed network on 100mbps ports. The internal network is connected to the internet through 15 gigabit ethernet connections supplied by 7 seperate internet backbone providers. The gigabit connections are provided by the following providers: 5 from Verio, 1 from Time Warner, 2 from Allegiance, 1 from Williams, 3 from AboveNet, 1 from Savvis, and 2 from Cogent for a total of 15. This insures that no matter where in the world your customers are coming from, there is always a fast and open route to get your data to them with lightning speed.

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