99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee you 99.9% uptime for your site(s) on any of our virtual hosting plans monthly, excluding scheduled maintenance or upgrade times. What does that mean in plain english? If your site is down for a period of longer than 45 minutes during any month you are hosted with us, we will refund your payment for the month.

To qualify for a refund because of downtime, you must contact us through any method listed on our contact page to request your refund. If our independent monitors do not show downtime exceeding 45 minutes for the month you are requesting a refund for, you must provide verifiable 3rd party statistics showing when your site was not accessable, and the duration of time that your site was offline. Statistics provided must also be gathered from more than one location on the internet to demonstrate that the site was down because of a server problem, and not because of an internet routing problem between our servers and one specific point.

Below are several links to free and independent monitoring services we use to monitor our servers. You can use these links to check our current uptime. If you would like to monitor your own site, we highly recommend you sign up with any or all of these services.

Server Mojo - Host Tracker - Site Uptime

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